Before and After: Fall at Mission Springs Resort

Mission Springs Resort Fall 2015

Our little resort has come a long way since we had the amazing Hannah Hudson of Stonehouse Photography out to take photos in the fall of 2015.

The remodel of great grandma’s house was still in its planning stages and we were just beginning to bring our market into the online world. Great photos were needed for our website, VRBO, AirBNB, and Expedia / websites.

Working hard on the exteriors of our cottages was a top priority this year and we have certainly come a long way. Next spring and summer we will be cleaning up some of the out buildings and fixing up the street car. We are planning to plant tons of flowers and make landscaping a top priority. Looking forward to improving our resort and can’t wait to show it off to you next summer!

Wishing you relaxing vacations and memorable adventures, always,

The Nohl Family and Mission Springs Resort

Cottage 12 before painting and after. This cottage is the oldest one we have on the property and the asphalt shingles were quite difficult to paint! The hard work was worth it though as the cottage looks so much nicer with the updated color!

cottage 12 pre paint
Cottage 12 before painting
cottage 12 esterior
Cottage 12 after painting

Cottage 2 got a new roof line, shingles, gutters, and a fresh coat of paint. A huge tree blew over during an early summer wind storm but luckily it only landed on the porch and did no damage to the structure.

cottage 2, before exterior, family picnic
Before we painted and changed the roof line of cottage 2. Still remains our most popular cottage!
exterior of cottage 2
Exterior of cottage 2. On the hill overlooking the lake.

Our one bedroom cottage, #9, was very popular this summer. We plan to update the interior of it this winter to give it a fresh, new look. Also looking forward to landscaping around the exterior and planting lots of flowers.

cottage 9, before painting, fall
Cottage 9 fall of 2015, before painting exterior


cottage 9 exterior
Cottage #9 after painting, summer 2016

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