Our Favorite Family Vacation Destination~Mission Springs Resort, Ashland, Wisconsin

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*This article was originally published in the April edition of Lake Living Magazine, Findlay, Ohio.

A pitch black summer night, relaxing at the beach with only a campfire and the moonlight illuminating the water.

The kids are swimming close to shore and only stopping to grab a stick and marshmallow to roast over the fire, shove its gooey goodness into their mouths, and race back to the cool fresh water.

They keep asking what time it is, waiting and waiting for 10:05 to arrive and when it finally does they know it by the boom of fireworks blasting from the marina dock across the bay on Lake Superior on the 4th of July.”  

This is the Nohl families favorite summer memory.

There is nothing better than walking down to the Mission Springs beach from your cottage, watching fireworks while the baby falls asleep in your arms, and the sweet sound of silence at the end of the day when the kids are so exhausted from their adventures that they are asleep before their heads hit the pillow” said Katie.  


Jayson and Katie were blessed with growing up in northern Wisconsin, right on Lake Superior-the most beautiful place in the world.

When I left for college I was surprised by how much I missed the lake. The beauty of driving by it every day on my way to and from town (Ashland) was so ingrained into me that I didn’t even notice the sense of peace it brought until I was gone” said Katie.   

Jayson’s favorite childhood memories up all revolve around the Mission Springs property where he grew up-and the Lake.

I spent my summers outside. Helping my grandpa with the cottages, hunting squirrels, taking the row-boat out front in the evenings and coming home with my limit of bass and northern pike-that was my life. And now I get to share that with my kids and there is nothing better.”

Jayson and Katie have been blessed with relocating often for Jayson’s job–so much so that their favorite vacation destination, their hometown of Ashland Wisconsin, is often lovingly referred to as “home” by their 5 children. They try to spend two months out of the year there, one in the summer and one in the fall.

We have arranged our lives to fit our priorities. It is important for our kids to know their extended family, most of whom live in northern Wisconsin, and we travel there often to visit.

Homeschooling their children has enabled the Nohl family to stay at Mission Springs for extended periods of time during all seasons of the year which has given them the opportunity to work with and learn from their grandparents, attend conservation seminars at Northland College, pursue numerous outdoor adventures (including, but not limited to, hiking to waterfalls, taking the ferry to Madeline Island, watching bears and deer walk past the play-set in the early morning hours, and winning first place in the annual kids fishing contest) and instill in them a deep appreciation of the the lake and land.

Nohl kids and Grandpa with fish
Another fun day of fishing with Grandpa in Ashland, Wisconsin.

Why would we go anyplace else? The northwoods of Wisconsin has everything desired in a relaxing getaway: beautiful beaches in the summer, fall colors to die for in Autumn, ice caves, snowmobiling and skiing in the winter, and great fishing year round” said the Nohl’s.  

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*Photo credit: Fireworks photo from unsplash.com, Ryan Wong.