Mission Springs Resort Lake House update: siding is going on!

new siding on Lake House


Easy decision to use LP Smart Siding, not easy to decide which color!

We went back and forth, back and forth; trying to decide the perfect siding color for the Lake House. Adrian, our 11 year old, loved Grizzly. I loved the Red (cinnabar). Jayson and I went back and forth between Terra Bronze and Bungalow….

We first decided on the shingle color: black. The house has a steep pitched roof and you see a lot of it when you drive in, so the shingle color was important to us and we liked the dramatic look of black.

Then we had to find something that went well with the black shingles. Poor Adrian really wanted Grizzly, but being so dark, it was out.

diamond kote grizzly siding color
Diamond Kote Grizzly

The online color simulator on the Diamond Kote website was awesome. We were able to find a home with a lot of windows like ours and visualize what the siding would look like with a black roof. We tried a lot of colors with it and narrowed it down to our top 5, but it was hard to make a final decision without a sample in hand.

We had just been to Ashland (a 12 hour drive from our home in Ohio) but had forgotten to have our contractor pull the sample colors for us. So we contacted Diamond Kote and they mailed us a fan deck with all of the colors and I think we got it two days later. Excellent company to work with. They called to make sure we received the samples. They found locations in Ohio that had actual pieces for us to look at. They were very polite and professional and I will recommend them to anyone.

We have other cottages on the property that are red, so we decided to not go with cinnabar (but I really, really loved the color. Loved it!).

Diamond Kote Cinnabar


The Tera Bronze just didn’t seem to go with the black shingles, so that was out too.

diamond kote terra bronze siding color
Diamond Kote Terra Bronze

That left us with Bungalow, and its perfect! It goes so well with our “wilderness” location–with the background of trees and the lake it compliments its surroundings very nicely.

diamond kote bungalow siding
Diamond Kote Bungalow

Come visit us soon and check it out. The yard it pretty torn up right now with all of the construction-just close your eyes and pictures the trees with all of their leaves, green luscious grass, rose bushes planted by Great Grandpa Billy in bloom and you have your self a perfectly relaxing vacation at Mission Springs Resort!

mission springs resort addition siding
The mud room addition, washer/dryer, utility sink, and coat closet.


Mission Springs Resort two side siding
Side entrance of the house. Upper windows are one of the upstairs bedrooms. Lower windows are the dining room and great room.



Mission Springs Resort lake side siding
Lake side of the house. The windows on the left are the great room. Windows on the right are one of the downstairs bedrooms. Upstairs window is the sitting room with gorgeous view of the Lake.

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