Booking & Cancellations Policies

By making a reservation at Mission Springs Resort you are agreeing to all of our policies.

Cancellations affect us greatly, therefore you must agree to the following cancellation policy at the time of booking:

Cancellations and modifications must be made by 9:00 am 3 days before your arrival for the cottages and 6 weeks prior to your arrival for the Lake House.

You will be charged a 20% deposit upon booking. If you cancel your reservation within the cancellation window, your deposit will be refunded.

If you cancel your reservation later than 72 hours prior to arrival date or during your stay decide to leave early, you will be charged for every day of your reservation.

****Modifications to your LAKE HOUSE reservations will be left to the discretion of the owner. You are always able to cancel the reservation within the cancelation window listed above, you may NOT always be allowed to shorten or change your arrival and departure date.


 Resort Policies

*****We do not allow events or parties and only your authorized, registered guests are allowed on the property during your stay.*****

Credit Card and Damage Policy: A major credit card must be presented at check-in to cover any incidental charges. We reserve the right to charge your card for the total amount of any damage done to the property during your stay.

Deposit Policy: You will be charged a 20% deposit upon booking. If you cancel your reservation within the cancellation window, your deposit will be refunded.

Taxes: All bookings at Mission Springs Resort are subject to 5.5% Wisconsin State Sales and Local tax.

Cleaning & Resort Fee:  We reserve the right to charge a cleaning fee if there is an excessive amount of cleaning needed after you depart.

We reserve the right to cancel this reservation for any reason we deem necessary before your arrival. Because we have a limited number of rentals available, unexpected and unforeseen events occur that may make reservation unavailable. If this happens we will do everything possible to assist you in finding comparable alternative accommodations.

Check in/Check out times: Check-in time is 4pm. Check out time is 10am

Non-Smoking: The Lake House and cottages are non-smoking. When smoking outdoors, please keep the doors and windows closed to avoid smoke entering the cottage or house. Smoking inside, or smoking near doors and open windows that results in the dwelling smelling of smoke, will result in a minimum $250 additional cleaning charge.

For the comfort of our guest, no smoking is allowed at the beach when other guests are present.

Pet Policy: Your well behaved dog is always welcome!

The fee for pets to stay at the Lake House is $150 per pet per stay.
The fee for pets to stay at the Cottages is $75 per pet per stay.

If we find that your pets have been laying on or sleeping on the beds and furniture you will be charged an extra cleaning fee of $75.

You are responsible to pick up after your pets, especially at the beach.

For the safety of your dog and our guests, please keep your pets on a leash.

Monthly Rentals: We offer monthly discounts November through April. When you make a reservation at the discounted monthly rate you will need a $250 non-refundable deposit that will be applied to your first months rent to hold your reservation. If you cancel the reservation before your move in date the $250 will not be refunded. If your first months rent is $1,500, you will pay $250 upon booking and $1,250 for your first months rent when you move in.

Monthly Rental PET POLICY: Anyone staying more than 3 weeks at our discounted monthly rate will need to pay a non refundable pet fee of $250.

These policies can be updated at any time at the resorts discretion.

Any violation of these policies or if your behavior results in an inconvenience to our other guests will result in the need to find other accommodations immediately. Refunds will not be considered.

Assumption of Risk

It is understood that you, as renter or guests of Mission Springs Resort, LLC, assume all risk associated with any activity taking place when on our grounds or participating in any activity off premise. Use of our boats is at your own risk. We do not have lifeguards on duty at any of our beaches so please swim at your own risk.

Questions: Should you have any questions regarding our reservation and booking policies, please do not hesitate to call us at: (715) 209-8321 or Email:


When you are ready to book your stay please call or text 715-209-8321 or click here to check availability!

Mission Springs Resort
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